Get all project templates

With the "Get Lists" endpoint you receive all your created task lists from projects, lists in the projects grid view or personal "My Tasks" lists.

FieldPossible valuesDescription
_idString (17 characters long)Unique identifier
titleStringDisplay title of this template
descriptionStringDescription of this template
originProjectIdString (17 characters long)Unique identifier of the project from which this template was created
colorStringHex color code of this template
dataObject (see below for sub fields)Template data
data.projectObject (see /projects fields]Project data of this template
data.listsObject[] (see below for sub fields)Lists and content of this template
data.lists.$.noListBooleanIndicates wether this list is the list of tasks named "Tasks without list"
data.lists.$.nameString (empty if noList is true)Name of the list
data.lists.$.orderNumber (empty if noList is true)Order of the list
data.lists.$.subscriberIdsString[] (17 characters long; empty if noList is true)userIds of the subscribers of the list
data.lists.$.sortingObjectSorting of the list
data.lists.$.sorting.fieldString (createdAt, dueDate or _details.remainingTime.current)Field by which the tasks in the list are sorted
data.lists.$.sorting.directionNumber (1 or -1)Sorting direction of the tasks
data.lists.$.showProgressBooleanIndicates wether the progress should be displayed on the list
data.lists.$.tasksObject[] (see /tasks fields)Array of tasks in this list
createdAtDateWhen was the template created
createdByString (17 characters long)Unique identifier of the user who created this template
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