Get all lists

With the "Get Lists" endpoint you receive all your created task lists from projects, lists in the projects grid view or personal "My Tasks" lists.

FieldPossible valuesDescription
_idString (17 characters long)Unique identifier
typeString ('product', 'manual', 'bundle')Type of the item
projectIdString (17 characters long)Unique identifier of the project of the item
productIdString (17 characters long)Unique identifier of the product linked to the item
titleStringTitle of the item
priceNumberPrice of the item
purchasePriceNumberPurchase price of the item
countNumberCount of the item
dateDateBooking date of the item
commentStringComment for the item
isChargeBooleanIndicates wether the item is a charge or a credit note
productNumberStringProduct number of the item
descriptionStringDescription of the item
createdAtDateWhen was the item created
createdByString (17 characters long)Unique identifier of the user who created this item
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