Specifying userId on stopTracking

We've added a new optional parameter to the stopTracking method to stop the tracking for a specific user


New endpoints for project templates and journal entries

We've added new endpoints for project templates and journal entries to have control over these data with the api

Scheduled work of tasks

We've added a new endpoint for the data which is generated by our automatic scheduling service.

More filters on /tasks

We've added a few more filters for the /tasks endpoint.

Filter for active time entries

We've added a new filter, to get active time entries (without the end field)

More task and project informations

We've added some new fields with information about project or tasks, such as the remaining budget or the total tracked time.

Time tracking

We've added endpoints to start and stop time tracking on a task.

Hotfix for time filters

The time filters were broken with the release of the write endpoints. This issue has been fixed now.

Write endpoints!

Today is a big day for our API - we have just released 11 new endpoints with create, update and delete functionality.

New filters for "Time" GET endpoint available

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