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Time tracking

Max Nowack · 10 months ago3 changes

We've added endpoints to start and stop time tracking on a task.

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Hotfix for time filters

Max Nowack · 2 years ago2 changes

The time filters were broken with the release of the write endpoints. This issue has been fixed now.

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Write endpoints!

Max Nowack · 2 years ago13 changes

Today is a big day for our API - we have just released 11 new endpoints with create, update and delete functionality.

Please note that our API is still in beta stage. If you run into issues or have questions regarding your planned integration, please contact our support at

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New filters for "Time" GET endpoint available

Tobias Hieb · 2 years ago3 changes

Hey there,

today we released two new filters for our TeamGrid "Times" GET endpoint. Now you can filter times by a specific date range by using "startFrom" and "startTo".

Please note that we've changed the ordering of the time results. Now they are ordered descending by start date.

Please feel f...

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Welcome to TeamGrid API

Tobias Hieb · 2 years ago

Welcome to the developer hub and documentation for TeamGrid API!